Day 18: Precious Time


We made time today, to be together.

Yesterday as well.

We closed the world out, consciously, wishing that the backdrop would somehow turn into a log cabin, nestled in the woods. Our log cabin would have a fireplace, and after long walks in the woods, Win running wild and free around us, we would unbundle ourselves, pour some hot coffee for you, tea for me, and settle down around the warmth.

We talk of our ideas and our plans and our hopes and our fears. We talk about our future and our dreams of the life we will grow. We read our books on dogs and farming and art, the Sunday Times piled up around us. Laughter in the air, both of us delighting in the sound and smell and feel and breath of the other.

We made our home into a log cabin, and we turned the city into the woods. And there we stayed, for as long as time would let us.


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