Day 27: The Stuff


I can see the ebb and flow, the ups and downs;

I can feel the dark and light, all of which we contain in our beings; it’s the stuff.

Making the time, unrolling the mat, sitting, writing, thinking, feeling, being.

This daily practice attunes me to the depths and far reaches of what I am capable of.

I seek quiet and space and nature to hold me in this place so that I can go deeper, listen deeper, so that I can touch the earth. I argue with myself in moments where I feel like I should go out, hang out, be out, when all of me wants to stay inside myself.

In these moments of confusion and pushing back to the pressure that can so easily take us over, I think of mystics, scholars, spiritual beings; I think of Buddha.

I know that solitude, that going in is sometimes necessary to do the work.

It’s the stuff.

To sit with your stuff, to be present with your stuff, to face your stuff; the timing of this dialogue cannot be planned. It happens when it happens. And our work, our challenge, our practice is to embrace the stuff. To be able to say to those around us, I need to be in here, with me, now.



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