Yesterday, ahimsa was placed into my left palm.

Today, my teacher planted satya, truth, into the right.

I am sitting this morning with these two yamas, activated within my body, my mind, aware and alive with the memory my muscles hold.

I sit in the kitchen, balconey door open to let the fresh air in as sunlight pours into the room. NPR is on in the background, playing their fifty favorite songs of 2012 (so far); a jar of juice to my right, with a big mug of tea beside it. My dog, who just moments ago was resting beside me, one paw on the table, has now settled on the back porch to bath in the sun. My love is still fast asleep and as one cat finds his adventure outside, the other is napping in her favorite spot.

I am here, present, yet I am also everywhere my imagination will take me, transported to each corner of the earth.

As golden wings unfold across my chest, my heart cracks open and words tumble onto the page.

I hold my past and my present and my future all here in one place, each memory exists within the next. I am everything and I am nothing.

Can you see how that all fits together? I

am everything and I am nothing.






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