What If


What if instead of continuing to distract yourself from writing, you actually just started typing, before you could even stop to think.

What if instead of the ‘busy’ and the ‘piles of stuff’ that you have covered yourself with, like paper walls of a paper castle, you showed your face and bared your heart and spoke your mind.

What if when you pushed up into wheel, you felt the front of your body spring open as if strings of a corset were cut and you could suddenly breathe.

What if you just let things be as they are instead of hoping or wishing or thinking that they could be different.

What if you just gave it all up and surrendered to love.

What would that feel like.

Heart exploding. Tears releasing. Relief seeping into your bones.

What if you could truly, madly, deeply be who you are instead of who you think you should be.

What would happen then.


Everything would happen then.


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