Just A Moment

tick tock
tick tock
goes the clock;
my heart
dances to the beat,

in my chest

i close my eyes
so that the rhthym of my heart

can plunge down,
into the soles of my feet;
i reach my arms up to the sky,
and my heart beat,
each drop of blood, of love, of breath,

flows to the tip of each finger

this is being alive.

i swan dive forward,
over the fold of my hips,
so that for a moment,
(just a moment)
i feel that i am soaring through the air

my body
like a water fall,
cascades over my legs (the mountain)
my hips (the cliff)

my fingers touch the earth,
and i know
that i am made of
earth salt love wind fire
the moon, the sun, the sky, the stars.

i am each in-breath,
each out-breath
and forever
in your heart

and you
in mine.


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