Let’s Call Her Wisdom



for so long this space
has sat, dust gathering,
either happy to exist or sad to have been abandoned;
or maybe both

but here i am
and here my heart is
and my fingers are tapping
and there is singing
and if i close my eyes for a moment,
i’m sure it’s my heart playing the ukulele,
but surely still it must be the new moon
making her magic.

perhaps after a salt bath,
more candles and sitting,
the prayer will appear clearly in my mind,
yet in this moment,
all i can think is this:

may the moon in her wisdom and power cleanse the lingering pieces of a broken heart and may the letting go be full of grace and forgiveness.

it’s time to plant new seeds and dream new dreams and it’s time to move forward.

new moon blessings, wild ones.





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