Welcome, August


The first words are the toughest words, for with them stands the guard. thou shall not go past this point, they say and I realize it’s my throat protecting my heart, and I must find the right collection of things to say in order to grant myself freedom to breathe what I must in order to live.

Words are tricky, magical things and often before I can bleed them onto a page first I must move them and shake them around in my body so that when the moon aligns just right, as soon as my fingers hit the keys, they will come tumbling out.

Last month I had every intent of moving and writing for the entire month of July, but as life does, my plans were thwarted by everything that took over (that I let take over) and this promise was the first to go.

So, today starts fresh and I, along with 800 + other beating hearts all around the world have made this commitment: #writeeverydamnday for #thirtydays, first thing in the morning before the day gets away, in order to #writeourselvesalive.

This is a pledge to the creative self that thrives inside and can no longer be contained or made small or shushed up or ignored, so I grant myself permission to wrap my arms around my wild self and let her howl and roar in order to regain the freedom that is rightfully hers (mine).


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