We Come from the Roots


The rain finally came last night,
just after my tears landed in splats around me

Perfectly timed to wash away these words: I’m done, I give up, please help me, repeated until there was no way to distinguish them from each other

One continuous stream of surrender

Yesterday the tension of some-thing and the thickness of some-thing-else weighed heavily and there was joy and shame in letting the roars rise up from the roots

And when my head settled into my pillow, I felt like I could sleep for days

Here it is another day and I am awake already and my body wants to stay where she is and my mind wants to pack everything up and hit the road

Oh, and this heart of mine is somewhere in the middle

In a moment, I shall get up and the morning will move into day, the day will move into night and this moment will be gone and a new one will appear

And i hope I will never forget where I came from


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