Nature Medicine


It is so late in the day that the stars are out and we spent the day venturing into nature so the sky is vast and large

Wrapped in her arms for the next few days, I can feel a softening in my body

Like coming home and being held

And it’s her holding us—nature—in her warm embrace

He sniffs the air I can I see the smile spread on his face and my heart thumps an extra beat when I see the spring in his step

This is where to return when everything feels empty; when the way is cloudy and doubt creeps in

This is where to come when the face in the mirror stares back at you with daggers in her eyes

And this is the place to be when it’s time to lay down and shed another skin

With her clean air in my lungs, words feel endless and I can see the heart-wood of each tree

And the flicker of hope appears

The next life has arrived


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