Wild & Free


We awoke before the sun and as we walked through the field, a chorus of life shifting around us filled the air

We paused, a hush fell

We started moving again and the little hoppers that were hiding in the tall grasses leapt into the air, rushing to get out of the way

We walked like this for awhile

Every now and then a car quickens by but otherwise it’s so quiet that we can hear everything, especially the rush of our own thoughts and the hum of the earth beneath us

Clarity amongst the trees; bathing in the early morning sun; life is so simple without the charge of the concrete jungle around me and I wonder if my life in the city is really just barely existing

And not living, fully, wholly, completely

(What does that mean anyway? I think it means that in the city, we have everything at our finger tips yet it is so loud and there is such a rush to do do do that I can easily forget to be. I think it means that no matter how clean I try to live my life, the air is sticky and a film settles on my skin when we walk and we humans are so unkind to each other, concerned with only ourselves and with no other. I think it means that out here, ideas have the space to grow and we can be on two different floors in an old house and there is so much room that neither of us is sure what to do with it. I think it means that I am the daughter of the trees, the moon and the stars and out here I am closest to where I come from…and I think it means that I am home again, in the heart of everything that lives and breathes.)

My city self and all her guards have been put to the side;

Being on this land, where the lure of the sun coaxes us out of bed before she herself rises requires a different kind of survival

The kind that only my wild self knows how to be.


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