Gentleness Finds Us


She was silent as she watched us from her perch in a patch of green in the forest, in the heart of the city; if we hadn’t reached the end of the trail and had to turn around, it’s possible our eyes would never have met, and that we would have passed by without noticing her.

The moment U realized she was there, so still and calm, my heart sped up and all I could think to do was place my hand on my heart and whisper thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, for i’ve been hoping to see her from some time and here she was, when I needed her the most.

The dog was quiet, his body soft, as if he too was deeply moved by her presence and we stayed that way until it was time for us to go; ever so slowly, we walked away—I was so afraid she would vanish that I turned back to make sure she was still there her warm eyes still firmly set on us and I’m sure she whispered, Be gentle, my daughter.





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