Keep the Channels Open


A breath between the last moment and the next and to my delight, words woke with me, as if reminding me not to forget

Thirty-one days of practice; of making space, stirring up, struggling through and in it finding dedication to allowing myself speak the words that come and search for them if they don’t

Everything we write doesn’t have to be perfect or make any sense or even be “good”—

Just as on my mat, I move to move, to feel alive, to work something through, so it is on the page

And it doesn’t matter how it looks to another; what matters is the sensation I tune into, the memories I reach for, how a body in motion invites herself to be born again

The two are weaved together in an intimate love affair; married far more closely than I originally understood

And through sometimes-wavering commitment to each other, we learn to keep the channels open


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