I’m Missing Something


I am to sit here and write a letter to you, but first I want to skim the protective cover from the surface of my heart so I can go deeper

The day is brisk and finally the sun is shining and I’ve just finished reading wild by cheryl strayed for the second time; I am here, present, but part of me is still hiking 11,000 miles to a place called Bridge of the Gods—

but I am here, mostly

Last night I tried to sleep and tossed and turned until I had no choice but to get up and run a bath; I’m missing something….I’m missing something—became a mantra in my mind

I don’t know what it means but I know how it feels and it’s an indescribable restlessness in my legs; my brain spins, my heart races as inspect every inch of the foundation I have laid, over and over again

I’m missing something

And so, at a too-late hour, I climbed into the tub and allowed myself to be swallowed up, hoping that the warmth of the water would slow my speeding self down and bring me back to ground—

I soaked and i calmed, but still, this nagging persists

My tea is almost done and I want to write a few lines to you and so I shall sit as still as I can and let things be and hope that the source of my disruption reveals itself



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