Sharp Medicine


In mother nature’s embrace, I prayed to great spirit to show me how to love more.

What she revealed will continue to unfold throughout this lifetime and the next—and I still feel raw and shaky as I search for a way to allow the truth to come through these words without filtering them or smoothing them over.

My god tapped gently on my solar plexus—tap, tap, tap—and with her warmth, whispered a formula I did not understand but could feel as the spell etched its way into my bones.

(I thought that learning to love more might have roads paved with butterflies and rainbows—that it would be challenging at times, but relatively simple—like maybe there was a secret portal in my heart cavity that I wasn’t plugged into that could be cracked open to reveal more space to hold everything that exists. a deepening of patience and compassion would be a must, of course—and because I am in strong in my foundation and felt confident in my ability to grow, as i started to decode her poem, I could feel fear start to spin, vying for control of my systems.)

This lesson is a particularly difficult one and as I sort through my toolbox of words, I’m still at a loss as to how to fold them together to make sense of it all.

And so I will sit here, or stand, as long as I need to allow it all to sink in.


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