Does this intensity of feeling naked ever soften?

When does it slow and how I can urge my beating heart back into the safety of this chest of mine?

I can feel the smarter parts of me willing my heart to quieten down, and they’ve turned down the volume on the monitors that are flashing and blinking and screaming at me to rest, as my levels once again approach the danger zone.

There is just so much to say; there is just so much work to be done and I can feel the force of doing much stronger than ever.

My heart has found life outside my body and is somehow still pumping and I must continue on this path, as I fight the desire to curl up in the forest, under the leaves of my mother for a long season of dreams.

How much is too much? How far is too far? So much of the time of this year has been spent in rest; hard work, dark corners and resting, again.

Am I ready? Is the foundation strong? Has my heart developed her reserves to last the journey? Am I the warrior that I dreamed myself to me? Am I anything in this world of ours? Or have I created a mirage that even the Gods would laugh at?


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