about me


Oh, you found me! And how happy I am that you did! 

This has been my secret haven for words for some time & it’s where I go to let this impossible heart of mine unwind.

If we haven’t met before, know this: I believe in the light & her sister, the dark; I believe that the moon knows more than we ever will & I believe that when we come from a place of love, anything is possible.

I teach yoga (herehere); I write my heart to the bone (here & sometimes, here & here) & well, recently, I created a new online home that I shall soon fill with all kinds of magic.

If real, live books are your thing, my first book HEART ROAR: A Tiny Book of Prayers is available here—&, soon, in Spring 2016, a second book will join her side.

One more thing! You can also find parts of me here, here, here & here.

B. xo


4 thoughts on “about me

  1. Thank you for sharing your words. I found your blog through the elephant journal article you wrote on loving a leo. It has been a long time since words moved me to such emotion and since words saw me so clearly and vocalised me so concisely. THANK YOU for writing, for sharing.

  2. Dear Bryonie,
    Your writings I have recently found on Elephant Journal are truly beautiful.
    They brought tears of joy & great sadness to me.
    Your writings have also brought me hope.
    Joy for me because I have such a deep love for the most beautiful Leo lady I have ever known.
    It brought sadness as we are not together through my mistakes and hurting her.
    Over 13 years together through loving, happy, passionate times. True love & pleasure shared together. Years later sadly my desperate intent in love to make things work masked by my unresolved own past trauma, frustration, resentment and foolish misunderstanding becoming overbearing.
    With our time apart, I have expressed my remorse & bore my heart and soul to her through letters, small heartfelt, handmade gifts (we both love 2nd hand shopping, design, graphics, punk and retro). To no avail. My Leo love has stayed away and said little.
    I have spent our time apart realising where I need to learn, let go and grow in the areas I let get in the way of our union. I truly have grown and I’m now filled with nothing but fun, true love, and passion for myself and my Leo love like never before.
    I would be most grateful to hear your insights in my quest to regain her trust, to reignite our love.
    In the deepest parts of my being, I know this beautiful Leo is the one. I have shown her many times before she is safe, loved & cherished deeply. My dreams would come true to do it again for good.
    I am a tall, dark & handsome Virgo King who is deeply in love with my Leo Queen
    Thank you for wisdom.

    • Dear Jason:

      I’m so sorry for my delayed response.

      Thank you, thank you for your kind words & for sharing your story.

      I’m not sure what advice I can offer, because surely I’m no expert when it comes to love.

      However, I think what we need to do before anything else is learn how to love ourselves—really & truly—before we can love another.
      We need to learn that nobody else is responsible for making us feel less lonely, for we must hold ourselves in order to be held.
      We must cultivate patience & fall in love with our own day-dreams & we must build our castles & believe that one day, our person will


      B. xo

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